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Solution Overview

QWERX is a cybersecurity company dedicated to protecting networks from external attack. Our core software product, QWERX Enterprise Secure Perimeter replaces vulnerable static credentials with a patented Dynamic Machine Identity Management (MIM) solution.

The Challenge

As threats evolve and grow in sophistication, cybersecurity has become increasingly cumbersome and complex. Most Enterprises use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to secure network endpoints. There is misplaced trust in the ability of PKI to protect networks. This technology hasn’t withstood the test of time. It's burdensome, costly, and doesn't protect networks.

According to IBM Research (2023):

  • The average cost of a data breach has risen to $4.4 million
  • Certificate-related outages average $350K per incident or $1.75 million per year
  • PKI management costs on average 16% of the Enterprise IT budget.

Despite this, a major attack vector remains open. 80% of network breaches result from credential misuse, according to the Verizon Data Breach Incident Report.

Solution: Dynamically Secure the Network Edge

To combat this threat we developed QWERX Enterprise Secure Perimeter as a revolutionary new way to authenticate devices to a network. Our device-to-device Dynamic Machine Identity Management (MIM) software uses a novel and patented approach:

  • Quantum-proof information and ephemeral keys that are never stored or exchanged
  • Keys are generated dynamically and disappear instantaneously
  • Keys rotate every few secondsor multiple times a secondeliminating burdensome certificates
  • Can securely authenticate small resource-constrained devices
  • Controls device-to-device authentication, removing users as a system vulnerability.

Outpace the Adversary and Eliminate Data Breaches from Stolen Device Credentials

For the first time, speed becomes your ally. With QWERX Enterprise Secure Perimeter, network credentials rotate faster than an adversary can act. The defender now has the advantage.

Trust Your Network Again

With devices now secured by QWERX Enterprise Secure Perimeter, you can regain trust in your network security.

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