Who We Are

QWERX, Inc. is a software company that delivers secure, quantum-proof machine identity management and authentication to the enterprise. The company’s patented authentication protocol eliminates the 80% of external network breaches associated with compromised digital credentials — by eliminating the use of credentials that can be compromised. QWERX has revolutionized the science of secure endpoint authentication by automating orchestrated continuous verification of all devices across a network with rotating, symmetric keys that disappear after each use.

QWERX protects networks and devices from today’s threats as well as those in the future as the software is powered by random, chaotic data from nature that can never be predicted by advanced technology.

Our cloud-native software solutions can be readily deployed in support of cloud computing, distributed ledger technologies (including blockchains, cryptocurrencies and wallets), e-commerce, the Internet of Things (IoT), medical devices, mobile devices, or any networked device requiring authentication to access a secure system.

QWERX offers the next generation of endpoint authentication based on a new, patented technical approach.

Our Vision

Tech visionaries change the world in unanticipated and improbable ways.

Another disruptive technology is here. QWERX’s patented authentication and encryption software enhances cybersecurity by eliminating the risk of data breaches and improving the customer experience.

We look forward to enabling a world where:

  • Massive data breaches no longer happen.
  • Static private keys no longer have to be protected because they aren’t used anymore.
  • Security breaches become non-events and attack recovery can occur in minutes.
  • Devices are authenticated and communications are dynamically encrypted without exchanging certificates or keys.

Welcome to the future of cybersecurity. Welcome to QWERX.

Leadership Team


Greg Cullison



Randall Fort



John Ellingson



Neil Cavezza



April Resnick


Board of Directors