How QWERX Is Fundamentally Different

Today network protection means intrusion and malware detection from inside the network after the attacker has penetrated the boundary of your system.

This is a nightmare scenario. It means that -- assuming you detect the intruders -- the adversary is already inside your network. Adversaries can also evade detection, leading to unknowns about the true state of your network's security.

Once inside your network, a sophisticated adversary can assume administrative functions to erase any clues to his presence, making him virtually undetectable by ordinary means.

QWERX stands alone in taking the battle outside your network and denying the attacker access to your system from the outset.

QWERX intercepts attackers before they can make a network connection.

Often, attackers will gain system access with a stolen credential or password, enabling them to masquerade as a trusted user. QWERX denies that attacker access by creating credentials that are impossible to steal and removing user passwords from the security chain.

By taking the fight outside your network, QWERX dramatically reduces the size of the threat surface and fundamentally changes the nature of the scale and scope of the threats you face.

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