Securing Healthcare Systems with QESP: Dynamic Device Authentication

image of a tablet with medical device data visualization on the screen

Healthcare information systems have a number of critical requirements. The obvious is the life and death nature of nature of care delivery and securing the embedded technology that is part of that delivery system. This can range from the immensity in size and complexity of the myriad of devices found in diagnostic centers to tiny implantable devices. Then there is the sensitive information collected about patients, pharmaceutical and treatment research and development, as well as the regulatory overlay.

All-in-all, healthcare presents a most challenging environment for cybersecurity, as well as a rich target. Imagine a nightmare scenario of ransomware being implanted in pacemakers and an attacker threatening to turn them off unless the manufacturer or government pays the ransom.

End-to-end dynamic authentication for every medical device, every mundane switch, every IoT device, every single point of connection to the healthcare network is mission critical. Let’s talk about this shared mission. Our technology has a patent protecting this space and we have deep experience in the space.


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