Wake Up Neo, The Metaverse is Calling

The Metaverse:  A total convergence of AI, Work From Home, Telemedicine, Gaming, Fintech, Cryptocurrency, infotainment, Call of Duty, e-Commerce, Sports, Streaming video and anything else you can push over a network. It is the next generation information system, the result of the evolutionary and revolutionary changes in chip and network architecture, and it will be the ultimate in bandwidth-consuming appetite. The Metaverse will also be the attackers’ and hackers’ dream target, because it will be such an information-rich environment.

Current, and for the most part envisioned, security systems are also bandwidth- and computer-intensive and will not play well in the Metaverse, where they will compete for bandwidth capacity. The static nature of keys and credentials of the current security paradigm and architecture, regardless of their strength or quantum protection, will offer little security in the Metaverse.

Securing the Metaverse will mean eliminating stored and distributed keys. It will require eliminating static keys and having keys that can change every second or even fractions of a second. It will mean having a security system that is agile enough to not make demands on bandwidth, but can adjust its bandwidth requirements to use only excess bandwidth capacity without degrading protection. Only QWERX security has that capacity at present. QWERX is Metaverse-enabled today and is ready when you are.

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